Monday, January 25, 2010

Today, as I was walking down the hall at my school, I had a great idea. Can you believe it for one thing and just wait until you here it. You are going to love this Dr. Strange coming from me. I owe it all to the video from the 1st grade class. I thought wouldn't it be awesome if I could get some authors to talk with my library classes via Skype. My kids would love this and I would get a kick out of it myself. See, my brain is coming around to all this technology stuff. Now to convince my Headmaster that we need a projector screen and access to Skype. I need to research all this and see how much this would cost. Anyway...excited about the possibilites.


  1. Here is a good place to start your search. All you really need is a laptop with a built in webcam and wireless access (or you can go wired.)

    Here is an experience I blogged about that you may find humorous It may help you prepare for the interview though.
    Mr. C

  2. WooHOO!!! I'm excited for excitement! :) Skype is really cool, and easy to use! Let me know if you get to book any authors!

  3. I am glad you are excited, but where is your post about the podcast assignment?