Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14th

Wikipedia - Not an accurate source! This is something I just found out. I recently had a librarian tell my group of middle school students "do NOT use Wikipedia as a source" because the information can be put up by anyone. She went on to tell these middle schoolers that they could add information to Wikipedia that is completely fabricated and people could view it as truth. This was shocking to me. Why would anyone even go to this site? My husband, who is a complete computer guru, always tells me to look stuff on Wikipedia. Why? You've got people adding information, deleting vital information, corruption, and who knows what else so why even go to it for information.

Why is it surprising that companies would try to cover themselves by deleting negative information. Who wouldn't want negative information deleted about themselves if they had the opportunity to do so. I wish I could delete some of the facts about my life but that is another story. point is why is this
A. shocking and B. even considered a source.

Moving on to Mr. McClung's blog. I really enjoyed the things he had to say about his first year of teaching and what he learned. I particularly enjoyed what he had to say about lessons plans and be flexible with sticking to them. This is something that is difficult for me. I can be somewhat controling and I like a plan. I need to remember that all children are different and they all have good and bad days. Lesson plans are important but what is most important is that they are learning the information that is presented. If it needs to be changed as you go, so be it.

I also like what he had to say about communicating with your co-workers. They can be one of the greatest sources you have for the classroom. Teaching should not be a competition. I have heard of some teachers who refuse to share great ideas with other teachers because they want to be the BEST in the eyes of their superiors. Wanting to be good at what you do is natural and is a good thing. However, the most important thing as a teachers is that children are learning. If you have something that really works with your class than SHARE it so that other children benefit from it as well. Your co-workers are with you more than your family. This is true in any job. Why not make them your friends as well. It will make your day to day life so much more enjoyable.

I also like that he says he is still learning. I don't think there will ever be a day in a teacher's life where he/she can say I KNOW IT ALL. If you feel that way you should probaly quit because you will have lost your effectiveness. Especially in this day and age with all the technology that is available. You got to be on your A game everyday. Learn something new everyday.


  1. I use Wikipedia all the time. I am just cautious with living persons/entities/corporations. Generally, Wikipedia is an excellent, quick resource. You just have to keep your eyes open and your brain on. EVERYONE has a slant they are trying to sell you. Even me. So question everything!

    Mr. McClung is a great friend. We will probably have a Skype session with him this semester to see how Year 2 is continuing.

  2. I am also somewhat of a control freak. As teachers, we need to learn how to be flexible. Being flexible will be/is the hardest thing to learn, in my opinion. I feel the same way about Wikipedia. Kind of scary about anyone can edit/delete anything on Wikipedia, but they are working towards resolving that! Great post, Paula!