Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7 More podcasting

This week I was thinking oh no! not more podcasting. I just don't get the fascination.

That is until I went to the Langwitches site. I listened to a podcast by a class of first graders who did an interview with characters from a Magic Tree House book. As a librarian, I recognize these books as being very popular with elementary school students. I thought this idea was incredible. Immediately, I thought this is just like kids art work. They create it. We hang it in the hall and the kids LOVE the feedback they receive. It makes them work harder if they know that it will go in the hall. They feel proud of what they have accomplished. This is how this 1st grade class was about this book. They read it and loved it. They summarized the story in this interview which they recorded. This displayed their wonderful comprehension skills. They relish in the feedback, or comments, they recieve. They are proud of their work. For the first time, I made a connection to what this can do for children. As the 3rd grade podcast about endangered animals said - WAKE UP! And I think I finally am.

I also loved this idea on the site that had 6th graders making movies for their 1st grade little buddies. I thought this would be a wonderful for the middle school students at our school to do in computer then share with their little buddies. You have creative writing, art, computer, social skills (getting people out of their shell), all rolled into one package. I know the little ones would enjoy it and the middle school would have that WOW sense of accomplishment in having created it. I can't wait to talk with our computer teacher about this tomorrow. WONDERFUL IDEA!

I really enjoyed this site. I can now see how podcasting for students can be a wonderful thing. What a great motivational tool to get them to learn and perform their best as it will be broadcasted. Just like art - you do your best when you know it will be displayed. An AHA moment!


  1. I never really thought about this being "kids artwork" like you said, but that is essentially what it is. They are proud of everything they create and want people to acknowledge their work. I enjoyed reading your blog and you make some very valid points. Great blog!

  2. Great. I am glad you are waking up and thinking! Learning is exciting. And kids love an audience, as you point out!

  3. I too think podcast would be a great for the middle school students. I hate to say it but I think the students at most middle schools have behavior problems and if they were put in front of a camera it would not be a good idea. I agree children love an audience, maybe if they had the opportunity to do a podcast they would change their behave, so they are able to do it.