Sunday, March 14, 2010

Randy's Pausch's Last Lecture

I was excited to get to which this video. I had seen his book (I think his wife wrote it)entitled The Last Lecture and wanted to read it. I think I am glad I watched the video first because now I don't want to read the book. That is not because I am unimpressed with what this man has accomplished but just that I think I have haeard his message and that is enough. Oh no...I am skipping the book for a video. May fears are coming too! HAHA!

Moving onto the lecture. I wish he would have given his speech then told everybody about his condition at the end. I guess his was giving it to a room full of people who already knew so he felt like he just needed to get it out in the open. However, if the speech was given to people he didn't know the viewer wouldn't have the sympathy thing going throughout the speech and could just really focus on what he is saying. When I didn't really like the way he said something - maybe I felt it was a little arrogant - I'd think "Oh, be kind because he has passed away." The speech at times a little showy. Even the thing with the cake for his wife. Was that for her or him? She seemed touched so who am I to judge. He was a very smart man who did some really incredible things and so I guess he should be afforded a little arrogance.

His teaching style reminds me of Dr. Strange's teaching style. Dr. Pausch gives a project assignment in his ECT program and the students ask about content. What should we be doing? His reply...I don't know. Just don't do violence or pornagraphy. I could so here Dr. Strange saying that. Just give the students freedom to create and learn with little to no guidance. Let them just do it. The end result was some great stuff - projects that blow the mind of the professor. Lesson learned - give the students the freedom they need to learn and succeed in their work whatever that may be.

Another thing he talks about is that "he don't do no book learning." Just like with EDM 310 - there is no book telling us what to do or how to do it. We have to just figure it out. Ask questions as needed but basically just find the way that suits us to learn what has been assigned.

I love that he wants kids to achieve their dreams and have fun doing that. Learning should be fun. I think it is awesome that he has come up with this program "Alice" to get students learning to program when they think they are creating a game. He calls this the "head fake." I think we have alot of "head fake's" in EDM 310. We are learning how to blog but more importantly we are learning how to figure things out for ourselves. I don't know...let's figure it out. I want to remember the "head fake" for my classroom.

Dr. Pausch, when talking about the "Alice" program, said he felt like Moses who got to see the promised land but didn't get to go in. That really touched me. He was not bitter that he didn't get to see the product to it's full potential. He was just as excited to know that it was going to happen and he had a part in that. He was leaving his mark and that was more than enough.

His parents were such a tremendous influence in his life. I took alot from his talk about them. His mom allowed him to create by painting his room and she never changed it. They encouraged him to reach for his childhood dreams and they keep him in check when he complained it was too hard. He complains to his mom that getting his phD was too difficult and she proceeds to tell him "We understand son. When your father was your age he was fighting World War II." Talk about not letting your kid drown themselves in self pity. I think I would like this woman. Great role models.

Lastly, I like that he said that he learned "people will impress you, you just have to give them time to do so." I really want to remember that with my students. Several people come to mind as I am writing this blog. Potential sometimes takes time to surface and become visible. All children have potential and just need time and encouragement to reveal their potential.

All in all, I enjoyed this video. The world lost a lot when they lost Dr. Pausch. He was man who didn't set limits for himself and encouraged others not to limit themselves either.

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  1. I really found this video wonderful too. He somehow found inspiration from this terrible situation he was dealt. I don't know if I could have handled this so well.