Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 11, 2010

I love this story The Zax by Dr. Seuss. I have this DVD and showed it during Dr. Seuss's Birthday Week Celebration in my Library. When watching the movie, I realized that I am being somewhat of a Zax when it comes to technology. I like to think I am coming around a bit. It is a wonderful thing to know what you believe in and stand your ground when necessary. However, it is an ignorant thing to allow the world to change around you and be unmoved by these changes. You then become irrelevant and no one wants to listen to you about important things. I still love my books over computers any day. However, I am willing to see that computers are a vital teaching tools in our classrooms today.

I, again, love this song by Stevie Nix. She is an excellent singer/songwriter. I don't agree with her personal beliefs but that doesn't change the fact that she can belt out some beautiful music. Wow - these children did an incredible job singing her song. I can see how she would be so honored that they chose to sings for her. What an honor that they in turn got to sing with her at Madison Square Gardens. Can't you just here the children scream when the teacher gave them that bit of news? I know from experience that children love the attention they receive from work they do at school. I am in the process of creating a library blog for the school where I work. You should have seen the way my students reacted when I told them I wanted them to write a blog post about the books they are reading. They were so excited. I made a really big deal about how they were going to be published on the web and how their friends and family could see what they were writing about. It got them excited about reading all over again.

That is what I have learned the most this semester in EDM. Children love to blog and show the world what they are learning. It makes them feel proud of what they are accomplishing. I love being a part of that. I want to make blogging a part of my future classroom. I truly see the benefits.

Here are some examples of the excitement in a child's face when he/she shares with the world what they are learning at school.

Mihi in Maori

Leopold Primary School

And lastly my work in progress - no pictures yet but you have to imagine their excitement. Please leave comments. They will be so excited!

KCS Library

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  1. Dr. Seuss and PS 22 were greatly appreciated by everyone who did the a assignment.