Sunday, April 4, 2010


Ok - so the first thing that comes to mind is "You had me at hello" - I mean you had me at Kaia. I am a mom and I don't mean that creepy. I just mean that if I had seen this blog on my first day of class then I would have found it hard to complain about any facet of technology.

Let's start off with her little movie with the pictures she took with her daddy. First of all I love the song playing with the movie. Just Breathe by Pearl Jam is one of the best songs I have heard in a LONG time. Put that song to a movie made by a sweet three year old and you got gold. I love that she and her father were finding beauty in things that weren't beautiful. What perspective! Great parenting.

Moving on to how we came to find out about Kaia. It is awesome that we get to share in this experience because Mr. Chamberlin participated in comments4kids. I looked at the excitement on this little girl's face when Dillon read her the story and heard her say play it again. Priceless! By the way, the class I raved about in my last post was ENG 226 with Jody Conrad. Dillon, the girl in EDM that created the video for Kaia, was in that class with me (both 225 and 226). Sweet girl. She touched a little girl's life with a story read via the internet. I thought to myself now this can touch so many lives all over the world. Human connection is a beautiful thing. I think of all the grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends who are away from the people they love. Now they can communicate face to face via Skype. The can create lasting experiences and memories through movies and blogs that can be shared with people they love. I am sold.

Now onto the father's concern about sharing Kaia with the world. As I said, being a parent I hear his concern. I applaud him for considering his daughter and how this could affect her both positively and negatively. I also appreciate that as a teacher he is looking at this as an avenue for future learning. Dr. Scott McLeod talked about fear on his blog. He feels like there is too much fear with regard to allowing the students to use the internet in schools. I commented that I have fears with regards to my children's safety. I always go overboard. But I feel that the fears I have come from a place of love. I hope that is how the school boards feel about the children they are charge of and that is the reason for internet controls. I know that Kaia father loves his daughter. It is so evident in his interaction with her. I know that his fears of putting his daughter out their for the world to see comes from a place of deep love. I thank him that he is taking that risk for the sake of learning. I pray that he is making the right choice. I am not that brave YET with my kids but I want to be. I would love for my kids to connect with children all over the world. I see nothing but positive things happening because this father is taking such a risk.

Bottom line - I loved this week's assignment. You had me at hello - I mean Kaia!


  1. I love the comment you put on your post about finding beauty in things that are not beautiful. I think that is an absolutely amazing quote and even though I am not a parent, I love that they got to enjoy that together!

    I do understand how he could be concerned about everyone seeing Kaia, but her photographs and her blog posts and all the things she shares are so wonderful to read and look at! I sure do hope he realizes this.

  2. This week's assignment was great. I really enjoyed reading and following up on Kaia's story. I am not yet a parent and I am not sure how I would feel, but I do see his concern. I would be like you. I am not sure I would be that brave just yet, but the Internet is looking like it's not such a rough place after all. In everything you do there are negatives and positives. Thanks for your thoughts! Great post.

  3. Kia Ora Paula,
    Thanks for leaving comments on some of the children's post in our class. We're all on holiday at the moment but I'll show the kids once school starts. They will really love and appreciate them. We wish you all the best for the continuation of your studies.

    Miss Lavakula

  4. What a wonderful blog post! I, too, enjoyed this weeks blog. It was heartwarming and brave of Kaia's father to post the pictures and share their story.
    Thank you for finding the song from their post and sharing it on your blog post. I've wondered who sang the song. I've heard it before but did not know. It is a beautiful song.

  5. Wow! I'll have to move Kaia earlier in the term. You got even more excited about it than I. Maybe it was because I didn't recognize the music. Or, more likely, had never herd it before and it had no meaning for me.